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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Time for Winter

This tutorial was written by me on November 12, 2020. The results are of my own imagination.  Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  

Please DO NOT claim this tutorial as your own.

This was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PS.

Please keep in mind that I write the tutorial as I am creating it.

Sometimes I may not explain properly where to place things so please see my example if you are ever in doubt :)

Supplies needed

I am using CS5 but this tutorial should work with any version.

You can download the 7 day trial of PS here.

PTU Tube:  I am using Barbara Jensen's beautiful tube "Zebra Tease" from her new package 120.  Please do not use this tube without a proper license. I am using the layered tube for this tutorial.  You can purchase Barbara Jensen's tube at Barbara's store here

PTU Kit:  I am using a gorgeous kit called "Time for Winter" created by Pink Paradox Productions.  This kit is available for purchase at Barbara's store here.

PTU Animation:  I am using Kiya Designs awesome animation 161 from pack 52.  You can purchase her awesome animations at Barbara Jensen's store here.

Mask:  87 by Vivienne's Paintbox. Thank you for your awesome masks.  You can download it from her blog here. I am using the png versions for this tutorial.  

Font of choice for your name.

Plug in: None

Drop shadow of choice.

Please read all the Artist's/Designer's TOU.

Let's get started.

To open an image, I click on the element or paper in the file folder and drag it into PS.

To transfer an element or paper in PS to my tag, I left click and drag it into my working canvas.  

The other way is to left click and drag the element from the folder right onto your tag. 

Either way you will get the same results :).  I will be using the both method for this tutorial.

For resizing and rotating I use the Ctrl+T command.

To mirror or Flip go to Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal (mirror) or Flip vertical (Flip).

Let's get started.

Remember to save your tag often in case PS crashes.  I always save my tags as a psd image.  It keeps all the layers and if you make tags for others you will always have the template.

Open a new 800x800 transparent image.  We will resize later.

Go to layers, New fill layer, solid color.  When the pop up window appears type in FFFFFF and click ok.

Drag Vivienne's mask into the tag.  Resize 40% and click the check mark.  

Drag paper 3 into the mask. Resize 33%.  Standing on the paper layer, right click and create a clipping mask.

Drag element 165 into the tag. Click on the check mark and move to the top of the mask.

Drag element 166 into the tag. Click on the check mark and move to the top left of the tree.

Drag element 106 into the tag. Click on the check mark and move to the center of the tag.

Drag element 126 into the tag. Resize 60% and move to the bottom left of the building.

Drag element 119 into the tag. Resize 60% and move to the bottom right of the building.

Drag element 120 into the tag. Resize 70% and move to the bottom left of the pine tree.

Drag element 108 into the tag. Resize 40% and move to the left of the stone wall.

Drag element 114 into the tag. Resize 40% and move to the top of the stone wall.

Drag element 14 into the tag. Resize 60% and move to the right of the stone wall.

Drag element 12 into the tag. Resize 50% and move to the left of the mail box.

Drag element 127 into the tag. Resize 50%, mirror and move to the right of the stone wall.

Select the layers you would like to use on your tube by clicking on the eyeball to make the layers visible.  Click on the eyeball of a visible layer to hide it.  Holding down the Ctrl key, Select each visible layer.  Once all layers are selected hit Ctrl+G on your keyboard to group the layer.  Select your move tool and select group 1.  Drag this into your tag.  You can close the original and do not save the changes.  Standing on group 1 in the layer pallet, right click and convert to smart object.  Your group layers are now one single layer.  Hit Ctrl+T on the keyboard and click on the link between the H & W.  Resize 70% and move to the bottom center of the mask.  See mine for placement.

Drag element 118 into the tag. Resize 60% and move to the bottom of the tube.

Drag element 30 into the tag. Resize 35% and move to the bottom center of the tube.

Drag element 35 into the tag. Resize 40% and move to the bottom right of the in front of the polar bear.

Drag element 34 into the tag. Resize 40% and move to the bottom left of the snow globe.

Drag element 22 into the tag. Resize 40% and move to the bottom right of the tube.

Drag element 73 into the tag. Resize 50% and move to the bottom right of the coffee pot.

Drag element 16 into the tag. Resize 6% and move to the bottom left of the coffee pot.

Drag element 10 into the tag. Resize 35% and move to the bottom of the bucket.

Add any other elements you like and make any adjustments to the layers.

Crop away any extra space.  

Image, Image Size and resize 650 on the longest side.  See my settings below.

Oh almost forgot we need to drop shadow all of our elements.

Select the element on the bottom of your tag in the layer pallet and double click it.

A layer style window will pop up.  Click on Drop shadow. and use the following settings.

Now right click on the layer you just applied the drop shadow.  Click copy layer style.

Now click on the layer above and hold down the shift key, click on the top layer.  Right click and paste layer style.    Drop shadow complete :)

Select your tube layer and duplicate it.  On the duplicate layer, right click and clear layer style.  Go to Filter, blur, gaussian blur set to 3 and click ok.  Change the belend mode to soft light.

Add your copyright and name.

If you do not want to animate.  Hide the white background layer Save your tag and export as png.

Might want to grab a coffee :)

Open Kiya Designs psd file in PS.  You will notice that there is 16 layers in this animation and it does not have the group layer.  That is ok as we are going to learn how to do this so it matches the animation layers of the tube.

We need to group all the layers.  Starting from layer 16, hold down your control key and select each layer so the next one will be 15 then 14 etc.  Once all the layers are selected (the layers will be highlighted in blue) we need to group them.   

Next we need to group these layers.  Go to Layers, Group layers or Ctrl+G on the keyboard.  You will see group 1 folder at the top. Make sure Group 1 is selected.

Select the layer you would like the animation to be placed.  I selected the top layer under the copyright layer.

Back to the animation.  Click on Group 1 and drag it into your tag.  Ctrl+T and resize 60%.  Move to a spot you like best.  I moved it to the top of the mask.  Standing on the group layer, scroll down the layer pallet until you see the mask.  Holding down the ctrl key click on the thumbnail of the mask.  Still on the group layer, go to Layer, Layer mask, reveal selection.  All the animation on the outside of the mask should now be hidden.

Close the original animation and don't save changes.

Click on the little white arrow beside Group 1 to expand it.  Click on the eyeball of each layer to hide it but leave frame layer 1 visible.  Click on the arrow beside group one to hide it as we do not want to accidentally make any changes.

Next make sure your animation viewer is open on the bottom of PS.  I you do not see a row that has Animation (Frames) on the bottom, go to Windows, Animation.

Next is animating.

Click on the little icon at the right end of the animation screen then select make frames from layers.

When the pop up shows select  Make Frames from Layers

You are going to see a big mess in the animation window but we are going to fix this.

Click on the first frame and click on the trash can in the animation window.  Repeat this until you reach the first frame of the animation.  

Now you should be at the first frame of the animation.  Click on frame 17 and hit the trash can.  Repeat for all the remaining frames.  You should be left with 16 frames in the animation window.  This is the amount of frames for our animation.

This next step is very important.  Any changes you do from here you must be on frame 1 in the animation window. It will be highlighted in blue.

Go to the bottom of your tag in the layers pallet.  Make sure you have animation frame 1 selected.

Click on the eyeball beside each layer to make it visible.  For the white base layer you may have to click on it a couple of times to make it visible in all the animation frames.  It's a Photoshop thing.  Do not touch the group layer.

Next, I want to slow down the animation.  With the first frame selected in the animation window, hold down the shift key and click on frame 16.  This will select all the frames.

Next, click on the little black arrow beside the 0 sec as we want to change the speed.  A pop up window will appear.  

I selected 0.2 Sec.  Now click on the play button to view the animation.  Click on it again to stop it.

Click frame 1 again so we don't accidentally make any changes.

Now to save our tag as a gif.

Go to File, save for web device.

A new pop up window will appear.  Change the settings to my screen shot below.  Click on the image to enlarge it if needed.  Click save.  My screen shot will look different but the settings are the same for animating.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.  I would love to see your results.

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